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Navy Stripe Recycled Cotton Blanket | large 160x200cm

$200.00 $200.00

100% recycled, our jaunty navy stripe recycled cotton blanket nods to the nautical with classic coastal tones and design. Whether it’s pulled around your shoulders for sunset G&Ts on the terrace or nestled between you and the sand as you doze beneath the sunshine, this blanket is everything you could want and more.  160 x 200cm

• 75% recycled cotton, 25% other recycled fibres (viscose and polyester)
• Made in Britain
• Reversible
• Supersoft to touch
• Breathable


About the Designer

Atlantic Blankets were traditionally woven in the British Isles from the finest fabrics.  The blankets are sustainably designed with comfort and care in mind – keeping you close to the coast, inside and out.