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Jeanne Ring, size 8 (peridot)

$205.00 $205.00

Jeanne ring in Silver-gilt (5-micron gold-plated silver) and péridot 

The Jeanne ring is a creation inspired by the art of fine jewelry and the timeless beauty of peridot. Its openwork design is a true work of art, showcasing the expertise and craftsmanship of the jewelry artisan. The central stone of the Jeanne ring is a stunning peridot, chosen for its vivid color and incomparable brilliance. This stone is known to symbolize inner strength and optimism, bringing a touch of confidence and radiance to the person who wears it. The Jeanne ring is a perfect example of the timeless beauty of fine jewelry, combining sophistication and subtlety to create a piece of jewelry of unparalleled elegance.

Ring in silver-gilt (5-micron gold-plated) 

Available in sizes 7.5 & 8