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Paloma Ring 1 - Black

$1,770.00 $1,770.00

The Paloma ring 1 is handmade in 18-carat yellow gold and set with 40 precious stones : 20 black diamonds, 16 yellow sapphires and 4 white diamonds. The central form elegantly fits the shape of your finger.

Weight Gold : 2,40gr ; Caratage : 0,38c


About the Artist:

Sophie d’Agon, creative and inspiring

During the first part of her professional life, Sophie worked for the greatest names in fashion. She began as a fashion accessories buyer for Prada, and worked in France and England for six years. She joined Saint Laurent (in the great Slimane years!), developing and improving her creativity over 14 years, to become the international buying director in 2012. She devoted her energy in managing the purchase of accessories, ready-to-wear clothes, bags and shoes.

In 2015, she realized her dream of building her own company, a dream that was imbued with the memories of her uncle’s jewelery. Intuitive and self-taught, she drew her inspiration from her love for art, her childhood memories and her understanding of women, and made of this project an emotional commitment. Sophie d’Agon the jeweler was born.